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Radiodiagnosis & Imaging Sciences

We have world class equipments with following facilities available in our department.

Conventional & digital x-ray

Routine x-rays & special investigations like barium study, IVU; sinogram & HSG are done.


For abdomen, pelvis, chest; musculo-skeletal system, thyroid, breast, scrotum & neurosonogram, obstetric & gynaecological usg are routinely done.

High end colour doppler

Upper and lower limb peripheral vascular study to r/o vessel block & vascular insufficiencly are done.
Carotid doppler, renal doppler, obstetric & gynaecology doppler studies are performed.

Hi-speed GE dual slice CT scan

We do whole body imaging, including brain, pns, orbit temporal bones spine, chest, abdomen & musculoskeletal system, 3D study of spine, facial bones, shoulder, hip & other joints & bones.

Team Radiodiagnosis & Imaging Sciences


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