Complex Spine Surgery Successful

A complex spine surgery was successfully performed on a 61 year old man at SP Fort hospital, Thiruvananthapuram. Mohandas, hailing from Kilimanoor, was suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis, a serious disease which makes the entire spine stiff and brittle. He sustained a critical injury to his cervical spine following a fall. His cervical spine was shattered and spinal cord was compressed threatening to leave him completely paralysed. A complex and critical surgery was undertaken at SP Fort Hospital, where his spine was reconstructed over 360 degree from both front and back fixing the vertebrae with special screws, plates and bone graft. The surgery took about five hours and was done with the help of spinal cord neuro- monitoring system which provides real-time input regarding health of spinal cord during such surgeries. Dr. Ashok Thomas, the spine surgeon who performed the surgery said that the compression on the spinal cord was completely relieved and patient could walk the next day and has now returned to his normal life. Specialised expertise and newer techniques have made such complex spine surgeries possible , said Dr. P. Asokan, CEO of the Hospital