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Laboratary Medicine

Laboratory Medicine department is perhaps one of the most important departments as it is here where disease gets diagnosed. Accuracy, Precision, reproducibility and swiftness are vital characteristics of a proficient and progressive laboratory. We can confidently state that our state-of- the-art pathology laboratory offers reliable and reproducible quality results.

We are equipped with modern fully automated advanced equipments and procedures which are capable of evaluating a broad range of pathology results with precision and accuracy. Regular calibration and strict Quality controls are done in areas of Hematology, Clinical chemistry, Chemiluminiscent Immunoassay (CLIA), Serology and clinical pathology.

We provide accurate, reliable and prompt test results to facilitate best patient care. We do daily quality control as well as participate in the global quality control program of Bio-rad Laboratories USA, to maintain an excellent record in our biochemistry analyses. Hence, our pathology tests are not only accurate but our team of dedicated laboratory technologists work round the clock to deliver them in record time for in and out patients.

Team Laboratary Medicine

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