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Developmental Therapy

Growth and development are the two complimentary process peculiar to children, which intense the Quality of life in their future life. Your childs and families unique and changing needs are fully supported through our comprehensive child developmental services. Our development therapist assessing the growth and development of the children from birth to adolescent age. As the small family norm is the accepted pattern, the intellectual and physical capabilities of children become important.

The large majority of developmental delays in the first year could be identified by using cut off points for four development milestones
  • Social Smile : Achieved by completed 2 months
  • Head Control : Achieved by completed 4 months
  • Sitting alone : Achieved by completed 8 months
  • Standing alone: Achieved by completed 12 months

Those who fail these simple milestones must need a formal developmental assessment. We mainly assess the development problems are

  • Developmental Delays
  • Speech Delay
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Schololastic Problems etc

Team Developmental Therapy 


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