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Chest Disease & Thoracic Surgery

S.P. Fort Hospital has super specialty centre "The SP Chest Foundation" for medical and surgical treatment of patients with chest disease. It is headed by an eminent and expert professional in Thoracic Surgery Dr. S. Sasikumar MS, McH, FCCP (USA). The medical wing is headed by DR. P. Arjun MD, MNAMA, DTCD, FCCP, (USA), FACCP.

  • To improve the quality of care and management of chest diseases we have a separate department named "The SP Chest Foundation"
  • Well equipped with modern instruments for accurate diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of all sorts of chest diseases
  • Key hole surgery (Thoracoscopy)
  • Fluorescence Brochoscopy - Detecting lung cancer in the initial stages and enabling timely effective cure
  • Other medical investigations, treatment available in the departments are PFT, Sleep Study, Drug Testing, Closed Lung Biopsy, etc

SP Chest Foundation

It is an independant unit with all latest and advanced equipment including bronchoscopes, thoracoscope and ventilators making it one of the finest thoriac units in kerala. It is unique in the sense that this center is dedicated to diseases of the chest - lungs & oesophagus. The operation theatre complex has four surgical suites and other state of the art facilities. The team is headed by Dr. S Sasikumar, a thoracic surgeon with more than 2 decades of experience.The team is backed up by qualified and experienced technicians and paramedical staff.

Medical Services available at SP chest Foundation

  • Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy
  • Bronchoscopic Washings
  • Transbronchial biopsy
  • Broncho-alveolar lavage
  • Medical thoracoscopy
  • Closed lung biopsy
  • Trans thoracic needle aspiration
  • Pleural aspiration - biopsy
  • Tube thoracostomy
  • Chemical pleurodesis
  • Drug allergy testing
  • Antigen testing
  • Antigen desensitization
  • Pulmonary Function testing


Recent technological advances have facilitated the development of bronchoscopy as a pivotal diagnostic and therapeutic tool in pumonary medicine. bronchoscopic washings, lavage, brushings and biopsy virtually enable to diagnose any disease, parasitic, fungal and viral pneumonias.

Video Assisted Thoracoscopy

This is an upcoming diagnostic and therapeutic tool in chest diseases.It is complementary to bronchoscopy in many instances and greatly aids in the diagnostic evaluation and treatment of various chest diseases especially those affecting the pleura. In recent years video thoracoscopy has changed the way in which pulmonary medicine and thoracic surgery are practiced and has altered the approach to a number of clinical problems.

Lung Volume Reduction Surgery

A novel surgical technique for reliving the symptoms of COPD - Emphysema, in which very distressing dyspnoea is a common feature. The treatment of end stage emphysema is lung transplantation. This surgical procedure of lung volume reduction (LVRS) removes emphysematous lung tissue. Facing a shortage of donor lungs, many patients need alternative treatments not only to breath easier but to live longer. LVRS is a potential alternative to lung transplantation.

Asthma Clinic

The prevalence of asthma is increasing rapidly.Newer modalities of treatment available now enable asthmatics to lead a normal, symptom free life without having to undergo frequent hospitalisation. In this clinic, detailed evaluation of asthmatic patients is done including assessment of pulmonary function by spirometry and based on this appropriate treatment is started.

The SP Chest Foundation Also Runs The Following

  • Intensive Respiratory Care unit
  • Intensive asthma Care Unit

The SP Chest Foundation Conducts The Following Special Clinics

  • Asthma & allergy clinic
  • Thoracic Clinic
  • Lung cancer detection clinic
  • Interstitial lung disease clinic
  • Occupational lung disease clinic

Team Chest Disease & Thoracic Surgery


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