Chief Executive Officer

Dr. P.Asokan

MBBS, MPhil (Hospital Administration)

The vision at SP Fort is to render safe, innovative and affordable high quality health care with utmost zeal and commitment. The hospital is focussed in providing a holistic approach to our patients and their needs. All through our existence till now our endeavour has been to provide outstanding quality of care and a superior patient experience by implementing various innovations in the rapidly progressive era of health care systems. Affordable health care is a great challenge for us, with rising operational costs, but we at SP fort hospital are proud that we have never deviated from our " patient first ethic " all through our existence.

The backbone or more appropriately the heart and soul of our hospital is its people. Our experienced clinicians, nurses and other care givers blend compassion with the marvel of technology in providing a holistic care with global standards. Our selfless and committed attitude has been the strength in our never ending pursuit in gaining the trust of our patients and staff enabling us to reach the zenith in realizing our vision.

CareAs You Get From No Where
CureWith An Extra Care
CompassionThat cures
CommitmentThat's our passion